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Fashion forward thinking ingrained in tried and tested tradition

Boro is lifestyle clothing brand focused on sports, lifestyle and 90s aesthetic, specializing in headwear, sweaters and t-shirts and art. Conceptualized during the early years of Montreal's graffiti scene, Boro saps the streets for inspiration. The line garners it's name from the boroughs that make Montreal into a mosaic of style and culture that changes continually. The repeated trips to New York during childhood continue to impact and shape the brand's aesthetic. Fashion as an expression of style rather than conformity, Boro's vision is square on a horizon that merges the novelty of the present with the authenticity of the past.


Benny Stax is an artist from Montréal. With over 2 decades of devotion to a plethora of sub cultures, it’s his involvement in the birth of the Montreal graffiti scene that is often cited as a major contribution and an influence to many. Drawing inspiration directly from his passions, his work references everything from cult movies, 90s sportswear as all the way to soul and R&B music from the 70s just to mention a few.


Boro Clothing


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